This website is dedicated to a nineteenth century guitar method: The Ellis’ Thorough School for the Guitar. A method no longer in print, but which was very influential at the time. The book was first published in 1898. With this website I not only want to republish this book. I also want to promote the playing of the nineteenth century guitar, a smaller instrument than the modern classical guitar with a warm subtle tone. I think this guitarmethod, the guitarpieces in it as well as the nineteenth century guitar deserve a wider appreciation. I hope this website can contibute to this.

About myself

My name is Patrick Broekema. I am a semi-professional guitarplayer with a special interest in nineteenth century guitar music. Have a look at my other project www.karagantcheff.nl about the Russian guitarplayer/composer Leonid Petrovich Karagantcheff. I also play in the celtic-oriental folkband Finvarra.

How I acquired the Ellis Guitar Method

I acquired the Ellis Guitar Method in the Antique Shop Anterieur in Leiden, The Netherlands. The book was originally sold at Hupfeld’s filiaal in The Hague somewhere between 1903-1915 (Hupfeld was a German piano manufacturer. The shop in the Hague was operated by Willebrordus Josephus Theodorus Naessens. There is an interesting Dutch website about his life ). I became aware that this book is rather unknown now, while it was a big hit when it came out in 1898. There are no copies in print anymore and even on the internet there are (until now) no copies available. While Ellis’ tunearrangements for banjo and mandolin are still played and can be found on youtube his guitar works are completely forgotten. I decided that it would be a good thing to scan the book and make it available for everyone who is interested.  Since Herbert J. Ellis deceased in 1903 I am confident that there are no copyrights on his work anymore. Should anyone think otherwise then please contact me.

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